Well Wrested Heroes

Corona Crisis, Day 2

Ruben made his way back to town, grievous injuries and a desire to resupply sparking him to seperate from his companions. Maxwell and Skarvendell both trekked onwards, following the winding trail up the mountain. In due time, they found themselves standing before the Wolf’s lair, an enormous Dire beast that stared them down, as if watching them. Of course, being the daring souls they were, this was clearly a challenge, and Maxwell readied his shield even as Skarvendel began to aim his bow from behind a nearby tree.

The beast charged, barking loudly as it slammed into Maxwell’s shield, rocking him from the force of the blow. Skarvendell waited, eyes ablaze to take the shot even as the doughty Dwarf’s battleaxe fell violently upon the beast. It’s jaws snapped, tearing at Maxwell through a gap in his defence, but in that moment his axe fell down powerfully, and the beast was done. In that same instance, two more wolves came out to take on the pair, and Skarvendel was horribly mangled by the viscious jaws before Maxwell could finish them.

Upon finishing off the den, they explored within, only to find Leon Corona was actually alive, though horribly mangled. It seemed that Mikal wasn’t going to lose a son after all. And thus, with the greatest haste, they made for home, arriving a few short hours after Ruben, freshly supplied and wounds tended at the Strongwill home.



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