An Elf rogue of Dubious Past.

  • STR 6.28 INT 8.37 WIS 16.01 DEX 12.02 CON 9.75 LKS 12.83 CHA 10.74

HP: 18 TOP: 6/4

HONOR: 15 Luck: 21

ATK: 0 DEF: +5 INIT:+1 (0 Unarmored) DMG: -3

Feat Of Strength: -6 LIFT:130 CARRY:32 DRAG:325


Not raised in Wrest like his compatriots, Skarvendel began his life apart from others, outcast from his bigoted home: and just in time. In a blaze now forgotten by most, the Highthistle Hamlet was put to the torch by ravening Orcs, and Skarvendel was the sole surviving townsman.

He was taken in by the D’Aurielle family of Wrest, but had no aptitude for magic, and his mind was bent on revenge, both on the Orcs, and the Humans who had mistreated him. He is mistrustful of most, but with a bit of luck, he may yet find friends among his fellow would-be adventurers.

5’0’’, 90lbs, Black hair (ponytail), Grey eyes. Father & Mother, both deceased. Siblings, all deceased.


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