Sword of Kings

weapon (melee)



Damage: 2d8p

Speed: 10 (8)

Size: Medium

Reach: 4ft

Damage Type: Hacking

Other: The Sword itself is merely a decorated and slightly elongated Longsword, its magics are for making Rulers, not Swordsmen. It grants the following bonuses to skills:

Administration: +30% -Enough to rule a small keep even with no prior experience.

Diplomacy: +25% -Even uncharismatic individuals can use the sword to bargain for good.

Intimidation: +40% -The sword lends itself to haughtiness and tossing around weight.

Glean Information: +10% -Not a substantial bonus, but that’s what spies are for, right?

Art of Seduction: +20% -No Monarch rules for long without a suitable spouse and heir (mostly the heir), and thus, the power of wooing is not one taken lightly.

Resist Persuasion: +5% -The Kingmaker offers minimal protection for its wielder, but not enough to resist the blade’s own draw to power. This is not a sissy’s sword.

The Kingmaker can be destroyed, but only through a very specific process, and given that it hasn’t been seen or heard from in several hundred years, it isn’t likely that anyone living knows how. However, the process is as follows.

-Wielding the Sword and Seated upon a Golden Throne before an assembly of at least two dozen, Renounce all Wealth and Kingdom.

-Wearing nothing but sackcloth and sandals, and carrying nothing but the sword itself, take it to the ruins where it was hidden.

-Once there, rest it back in it’s pedestal, and twist the hilt; this will break the Kingmaker.


Forged centuries ago at the height of the Panlyrian Empire, the Kingmaker was a sword made for conquest, wielded by the Pan-Emperor. Dwarven steel, Elven magics, Halfling charisma, and Human greed poured into one blade; a longsword (some say a claymore, others a scimitar, and still others say it’s not a sword at all) of incalculable power meant for dynasty.

When the Empire fell, the Kingmaker was lost amid the wars that tore the countryside to pieces, rendering the landscapes the beastridden and lawless things they are in the present. Rumor has it that a priest of the Caregiver had it tucked away in the height of wooded mountain (though others say it was plunged beneath the sea, and still others- you get the idea) where it could cause no more conflict.

The Sword itself has fed from its own magics, and it thirsts to be wielded by a powerful Emperor once more. Some say it calls those who are thought to be worthy of it, pulling them closer to its dangerous resting place.


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