Well Wrested Heroes

Corona Crisis, Day 1

Malik Corona, Patriarch of the Corona family, gives notice to Wrest of a terrible tragedy.

“My boy, Leon and I…out hunting, like usual, spotted a dirty great buck, and we were just about to take it down when all of a sudden we were rushed by an enormous wolf. I managed to shoot it, but it dragged my son off after snapping his neck.”

Shaken, Malik continued.

“You boys are the best fighters in town, the crafty sorts, and you know these woods better’n most everyone else. I’ve been bit in the leg, so I can’t go, but I’ve left marks on the trees. Follow those, kill that damn wolf, and bring me back my boy for a proper burial…please.”

Our heroes agreed, and attempts by Skarvendel to negotiate a price were quickly silenced. Now was no time for such things, after all. However, for all his haggling, he was certainly eager to get on with things, running ahead of his two companions.

Then the pipes began playing. Skarvendel quickly lost himself to the music, wandering off out of sight of his companions. Maxwell began to suffer a similar fate, despite precautionary measures. Luckily, Ruben managed to shake him (after much effort) back to consciousness. They began to track after Skarvendel, catching him in a clearing with what appeared to be a Satyr.

Skarvendel had been questioning the half-man about the dissapeared boy, but when the Satyr appeared not to know, Skarvendel buried an arrow in its back, accusing the creature of lying. Ruben went over and staunched the bleeding, but a brawl soon broke out as Maxwell attempted to do the Satyr in for its magical compulsion. As Skarvendel and Ruben wrestled, Maxwell delivered the Coup de Grace, ending the creature’s life.

And that wasn’t all. As a burial pyre was made, four wolves lingered on the edge of the clearing, waiting under cover of twilight…

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