Amber Vale

Amber Vale

So named for the beautiful twilight that overtakes the forests of this valley, the Amber Vale rests in the southwestern portion of a region called the Worldspine. The Vale is heavily wooded, with a good deal of arable farmland and rolling hills, kept tightly secured by the mountains to the north, east, and south. As a result, there are few travelers here.

Notable Locations

There are many other secrets to explore in the Vale, too numerous to mention. The Vale itself borders the RiverSea, and shares a mountainous border with the southeastern region of Wyldervale.

Well Known Threats

  1. Wolves, very numerous in the dark forests.
  1. Goblins, known to recruit the larger wolves as mounts.
  1. Owlbeasts, rare, but still quite deadly.

There are rumors of a colony of Satyrs, but most sightings are from already weary witnesses, and not very credible. More troubling are the whispers of an enormous Spider infestation in the deeper portions of the wood, which could make travel more dangerous than it already is.

Amber Vale

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