• The Bezaliel Family

Owning a small home just south of the Prince River as well as another home near the town square, the Bezaliel are well known for their fertile fields, supplying the town with a great deal of wheat and barley, most of which goes to the Smith family for breadmaking.

The Family Members-

The South Prince Home

They are a farming family of six, three daughters and one son, who is set to inherit the farm in a few years, much to his elder sisters’ ires.

  • Father: Freidrick Bezaliel, Male Human, 54
  • Mother: Hannah Bezaliel (Isen), Female Human, 46
  • Eldest: Sussanah Bezaliel, Female Human, 28
  • Second: Molly Bezaliel, Female Human, 22
  • Third: Elizabeth Bezaliel, Female Human, 17
  • Youngest: Freidrick Bezaliel Jr, Male Human, 11

The Square Home

A much smaller farming family, formed of a marriage between Freidrick Sr’s younger brother and one of the [Grey] daughters some years ago, they’ve had difficulty having children, but managed a son after nearly two decades, to their immense joy. Rumors of a second child on the way are rampant, but no evidence is showing just yet.

  • Father: Hanrich Bezaliel, Male Human, 51
  • Mother: Denise Bezaliel (Grey), Female Human, 47
  • Son: Hanrich Bezaliel Jr, Male Human, 17

Both homes have good relations with the [Smith] family, for obvious reasons, and get along well with neighbors. They have a habit of only marrying between the farming families, however, though it seems to have worked well for them, as they’ve the most fertile fields.


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