The Corona Family

A group of consummate hunters, the Corona family have an almost supernatural affinity for beasts, and have learned to stalk them quite skillfully. Their homes, which smell of meat and salts at all hours, rests a few yards south of the Sheik, next door to the Kell family; with whom they get along rather well, and just north of the Prince, near the Geldamont household. As one of the only households with two homes, they are a large family, and quite proud.

The Family members are as follows-

South Sheik Household

  • Malik Corona, Male Human, 57
  • Kira Corona (Leofor), Female Human, 53
  • Mira Corona, Female Human, 37
  • Waril Corona, Male Human, 32
  • Kikon Corona, Male Human, 31
  • Amika Corona, Female Human, 25
  • Caril Corona, Female Human, 23
  • Hamir Corona, Male Human, 17
  • Leon Corona, Male Human, 16 (Recently Deceased)

North Prince Household

  • Henson Corona, Male Human, 54
  • Hannah Corona (Garin), Female Human, 55
  • Stephan Corona, Male Human, 14 (Deceased 5 years)

The Prince home hasn’t been the same since the death of Stephan, their only son (Henson wasn’t particularily virile, nor Hannah fertile), and their seething has only grown more spiteful with the death of Leon. The two homes don’t talk any longer, and Henson’s home talks to almost noone, barring occasional contact with the Geldamonts.

The Sheik home is quite alive with business to attend to, preparing for Leon’s funeral when the body is (hopefully) safely returned. Beyond that, the entire family has turned quite sullen. Once relied upon as pillars of good cheer, their mood has taken a turn for the worse. Wrest is all the worse for it.


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