The Geldamont Family

Sharing the Sheik river with the other fisherfamily; the Inaya, the Geldamonts are quite accomplished fisherfolk themselves. Rumor has it that the heads of the Geldamont household were once accomplished adventurers before settling here from wherever far-off fiefdom they came from, but nothing can be proven, and the Geldamonts usually greet such questions with a vague smile and a change of topic.

The Family Members-

  • Father: Arduin Geldamont, Male Human, 67
  • Mother: Esylana Geldamont (Medici), Female Human, 48
  • Elder Twin: Panera Geldamont, Female Human, 20
  • Younger Twin: Toryn Geldamont, Male Human, 20

They hold good relations with most families, though by and large the Patriarch is quite introverted, despite his public devotion to his wife, the more charming extrovert of the two. Both the twins are quite charismatic as well, and are quite often inseperable, though this has dwindled as marriagable age approaches.


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