The Guardian in Amber Vale

Worship of the Guardian in Amber Vale is widespread, more so than either the True or the Caregiver, owing in no small part to the shadow of evil that lurks just beyond the borders of the small villages that dot the landscape.

Eagles are regarded as sacred animals, and mountains are often seen as holy places, owing to eagle habitation. The harm of birds in general is discouraged, and falconry is held in a measure of disdain, despite the practical use of the birds.

Animals are rarely kept chained, and wide open spaces are prefferrred. Livestock raising in general is discouraged by this practice, but it does continue. In general, a piece of each animal is left on a shrine to the Guardian.


Shrines are, in general, merely stone slabs set somewhere high up, usually with an eagle’s claw drawn on them, but sometimes there is no decoration at all.

Typical offerings consist of meat and fish. A portion of every animal killed is considered customary.


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