The Inaya Family

The Inaya, one of the eldest families of Wrest, has been plying the Prince River since before most anyone cares to remember. They are a proud lot, owning a well appointed building on the southern bank of the Prince, which they maintain fastidiously despite its terrible fishy smell. The death of the Inaya Patriarch has left something of a rift in the family, and they are not quite through with mourning, despite the two years that have passed.

The Family Members-

  • Father: Henry Inaya, Male Human, Died at 54 (Deceased 2 years)
  • Mother: Molly Inaya (Isen), Female Human, 54
  • Eldest: Tina Inaya, Female Human, 17
  • Second: Wendy Inaya, Female Human, 15
  • Third: Peter Inaya, Male Human, 12
  • Fourth: Nina Inaya, Female Human, 7
  • Fifth: Henry Inaya Jr, Male Human, 1
  • Youngest: Milly Inaya, Female Human, 1

The Inaya Family holds fast friendships with their neighbors, the Isen and Grey families, while the Thorngage and Strongwill families make frequent playmates as well. The Matriarch of the Inaya family is rumored to be attempting to find a husband among these families, but given the relative youth of the men there, most predict disasterous results.


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