The Kell Family

Consummate carpenters, the Kell family created almost every dwelliing in Wrest, even dabbling a bit in masonry back in the day. Living next to the Corona family just south of the Sheik river, they ply their trade with the ample lumber supplied by the Silverhammer family. Of course, Mrs. Kell keeps a small garden as well.

The Family members-

  • Father: Dresden Kell, Male Human, 43
  • Mother: Pietra Kell (Grey), Female Human, 42
  • Eldest: Phelan Kell, Male Human, 18
  • Second: Shira Kell, Female Human, 17
  • Third: Jennifer Kell, Female Human, 14
  • Fourth: Sveran Kell, Male Human, 9
  • Youngest: Rida Kell, Female Human, 4

Though somewhat upset that his eldest son has decided to take up the foolish trade of hunting beasties, Dresden is kept quite busy by his wife and daughters, so the family doesn’t feel too much strife. More sobering, however, is the prospect of crafting the Corona family a proper burial keep.


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