The Prince river, formed with its twin, the Sheik, is a steady current, quite fertile and wide. It and it’s brother wind over the Amber Vale from the nor’eastern mountains. It flows in a steady pattern, through the rolling hill in a southeasterly direction before pattering out about two weeks walk from Wrest into the Golden Lake.

The fish that occupy the Prince are as follows-

Amber Perch: A long, thin fish, quite tasty and coming in a lovely blue shade.

Nookfish: Small and brown, popular with children.

Kingfish: Longer and larger than the Amber Perch, it is a deep violet and a single fish can grow up to two feet in length, though most are less than a single foot. They are less tasty than the Amber Perch, but keep much longer, making them quite popular.

It is not entirely understood how two rivers so close together could have differant fish, but nobody much cares to make an explanation for it, given that travel up towards the source of the river, or down to the end, is extremely dangerous.


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