The Smith Family

Well known as the town millers, there’s not a family in Wrest without need of their services, though they have the humility not to put on airs. Without a lord to levy taxes to, these Millers have avoided the common pitfalls of their trade, and they maintain a happy relation with the town around them.

Their Mill is a waterwheel, just upstream of the good fishing spots, and they maintain a safe flow, keeping the fish from being caught in the wheel and allowing the Geldamont family a prosperous trade.

Happier still for Smith Sr, they’ve six children, five of them daughters. The arrival of his son brought the patriarch a good deal of joy, though his daughters are all accomplished and dignified young women.

The Family Members-

  • Father: Simon Smith, Male Human, 45
  • Mother: Carol Smith (Strongwill), Female Human, 47
  • Eldest: Anabelle Smith, Female Human, 27
  • Second: Tabitha Smith, Female Human, 26
  • Third: Caroline Smith, Female Human, 23
  • Fourth: Prudence Smith, Female Human, 18
  • Fifth: Faith Smith, Female Human, 13
  • Youngest: Michael Smith, Male Human, 8

Each of the farming families get on well with the Smiths, and not just for trade reasons. They are a well cultured lot, having learned reading and writing from the D’Aurielle family and taught it in turn to the rest of the town, giving an incredible rate of literacy for a village so small.


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