The Thorngage Family

The most unusual Halfling family in Wrest, the Thorngages are well known for their unusual practices, and provide an odd sort of service to the community in the form of their alchemical experiments. They make frequent visits to the D’Aurielle family across town, their own home being nestled on the south shore of the Prince, near the Daegwig and Strongwill households.

The Family Members-

  • Father: Milo Thorngage, Male Halfling, 51
  • Mother: Bella Thorngage (Pettybags), Female Halfling, 49
  • Eldest: Alton Thorngage, Male Halfling, 27
  • Second: Onyxis Thorngage, Male Halfling, 22
  • Third: Cade Thorngage, Male Halfling, 20
  • Fourth: Garret Thorngage, Male Halfling, 16
  • Youngest: Osborn Thorngage, Male Halfling, 14

The Thorngages are known for one practice, considered quite odd by the other families. Each wears a mask of some sort of beast, be it fair or foul, quite elaborately made. Though they are a jovial enough sort, they do not speak of the purpose of their unusual non-disguises. Most take it down as some sort of magical aid, though the D’Aurielle family is quick to refute any claims of a magical nature. A few folks (most notably Arduin Geldamont) believe they may be agents of the Creator of Strife, but nothing has ever been proven, and nobody wants to make the accusation.


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