The village of Wrest, built between the Sheik and Prince rivers, was once much larger than it is now, having been all but abandoned by everyone. Twenty families remain, and they make their fortune as best they are able, accepting trade as it comes, but mostly relying on an economy of favors and goodwill. Thusfar, it has served the town well.

It is built on arable farmland, and the farms of the Bezaliel and Grey families provide most of the town’s food. Meanwhile, the Corona and Geldamont families supply the town with hunted meats and fish, respectively. Of course, the other families have small plots, and do the occasional bit of gathering and so on to provide for their families, but by and large the town has become an interdependant unit. Upon coming of age, children rarely leave home. Those that do are thought dead, for none ever return.

The families and their professions are listed below-

Bezaliel – Farmers

Corona – Hunters

Geldamont – Fishers

Grey – Farmers

Smith – Millers

Kell – Carpenters

D’Aurielle – Mages

Thorngage – Alchemists

Isen – Tailors

Daegwig – Cobblers

Pettybags – Merchants/Porters

Strongwill – Barber-Surgeons

Leofor – Farmers

Aelfcromb – Farmers

Garin – Hunters

Ka Seer – Blacksmiths

Silverhammer – Lumberers

Inaya – Fishers

Skaggerak – Brewers

The whole town gets on quite well, barring the spats (and given the size of the town, these are frequent) that can create awkwardness, but they’ve survived for many years this way, weathering all manner of hardships and coming out all the stronger for it.


Wrest is home to quite a few customs of varying sorts, as a town so steeped in tradition must be. The most important ones are below.

Marriage is arranged by the parents, though children are encouraged to submit input about the potential spouses.

All non-married persons are considered children, widows and widowers notwithstanding. Children live with their parents until marriage, and engagement lasts as long as it takes to build the two children a new home.

Money is rarely used, usually only with the Pettybags family, as they are the only traders, and even then, they make their trips annually. Barter is prefferred, and generosity prefferred over that.

Crimes are overseen by the Elder Council, and the most frequent punishment is exile for a certain period of time. The Council is called only rarely, however, so the need for this is minimal.

It is customary to leave a part of each kill at the shrine to the Guardian, as thanks for keeping Wrest free.


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